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Crew Supply Management

Our crewing services are a key part of our core business whereby our recruitment and selection process is instrumental to operational efficiency. We believe in providing a reliable welfare system for our crews to value with a joint goal to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations.

Our crewing services include:

  • Direct recruitment of Marine Crews

  • Owner recommended recruitment of Marine Crews

  • Selection process of Marine Crews

  • Brunei Employment Formalities ‐ Work Permits, Visas, etc.

  • Client Approval & Processing for Key Officers

  • Payroll & Allotment Arrangement

  • Crew Change Planning

  • Flights, Accommodation and Transportation for Crew Joining / Repatriation 

  • Manning Agency Fees

  • Arrangement for Crew Training

  • Brunei Marine Department Approval (EOR / PTE) for Foreign Crews on Brunei Flag Vessels

  • License To Operate (LTO) applications (for non-Brunei Flagged vessels)

  • Brunei & BSP Medical Fitness Examinations

  • Sourcing and supply of Crew PPE

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